SoundCloud Daily Drawing Challenge Day 2

It’s day two and I have the drawing of the day completed! Today’s song was Mittens – Akari by Syytrus. I’ve been listening to this one over and over for the past couple of months when I first created my account over at SoundCloud.

Day 2 of 66. Song inspiration: Mittens – Akari by Syytrus

A lot of this music I like from SoundCloud has a very soothing feeling so it might just turn out that a lot of these drawings are going to be characters chilling out hahah

I’m trying to push myself with having the character doing something so they aren’t just standing in a choose-your-fighter type pose. Some success in my opinion, but those interlocked hands yeesh-

Anyhow, that’s today’s daily drawing done, gotta say I’m enjoying these doodles. See you peeps next time~

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