Soundcloud Daily Drawing Challenge Day 1

After recently going to an anime convention, as always, I’m just blown away by all the great artists’ there. It simply gets me pumped to want to draw things! Then I realized that I haven’t really drawn anything for myself.

I tried to start a small drawing but with no luck, nothing seemed to be getting on the paper. This is a perilous place to be as an artist, I’d be a sore sight for Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art (btw an amazing book for changing your mindset on how to push through the resistance when working on your craft). In his book, a professional sits down every day to work on their craft and an amateur waits for inspiration. Well no more waiting for me. It’s time to start drawing on a daily basis again.

Day 1 of 66. Song inspiration:
Are you lost by park bird.

So, I’ve decided to start an art challenge for the sake of trying to start a habit. After a quick google search, it is argued that it takes 66 days to form a habit so that’s the goal. 66 Days of daily drawing.

There are tons of places for me to improve on in my drawing but for now, I want to just get a drawing out every day. To make it a bit easier for me when deciding what to draw, the plan is to use a Soundcloud song I like as the prompt to not constrict myself when choosing what to doodle.

What are some drawing challenges that helped you out? I have a lot of trouble sticking with them whenever life throws a wrench in my plans what do you then? I’d love to hear some advice on that. Anyhow, Day 1 is complete and I’ll see you tomorrow!~


  1. Hey, good challenge! As for me, all the drawing challenges I did… I couldn’t make them to the end xD
    It’s so hard to keep going. Especially when ‘life just happens’, haha… But in that case, we just need to make ourselves do what is needed to be done. Even one small sketch or something like that. Sometimes I just draw a ‘pretty line’ and that’s all from me xD Technically, it counts! Haha~ The main point is not to break the streak of days.
    Good luck with your challenge! I hope you will not miss a day, and that you form that habit!
    Btw, who is that in the drawing?
    And nice music!

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    • I don’t have a great history with drawing challenges either lol so I can relate on that front. Thanks for the comment! and the drawing is a random character with a hat that I draw often~


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